Be a role model

Are you:

  • Studying at university or doing an apprenticeship?  

  • Male?

  • White British?

  • Happy to act as a role model for boys from low-income backgrounds?

If so, we need your help!

We are currently seeking someone like you to feature in video case studies about your journey through education! 

What will I have to do?
  • Being a role model is easy and we hope you will enjoy it!

  • We make a short film of you talking about your background, your experience of education and your plans for the future.

  • We send you a list of questions in advance but you don't need to learn them or practice your answers.

  • You can see an example video here

  • Filming will take place at your university/college or where you work and it shouldn't take more than a couple of hours. 

Why should I take part?
  • We really need your help to generate important new research on this understudied area.

  • Taking part could mean you help some of the least advantaged students across the UK.

  • You can list this as volunteering experience on your CV.

  • Plus we will provide you with a £10 Amazon gift voucher to say thank you for your time!